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IU: A Great Tradition

Indiana University is one of the oldest state universities in the Midwest. It was founded in 1820, only four years after Indiana achieved statehood, and it has grown to include eight campuses. The residential campus at Bloomington and the urban campus at Indianapolis (IUPUI) are the largest. Other campuses are located in Fort Wayne, Gary, Kokomo, New Albany, Richmond, and South Bend, and courses are offered in Columbus, Elkhart, and many other sites.

More than 80 percent of Indiana’s population lives within a 50-mile radius of an IU campus.

With an enrollment of more than 100,000 students statewide, Indiana University is one of the largest universities in the United States.

The university’s 500,000-plus alumni live in all 50 states and in 155 countries, and they are organized in 100 alumni chapters. The Alumni Association has more than 60,000 members. Alumni publications include Indiana Alumni magazine and approximately 60 alumni newsletters and other constituent publications.

Our intercollegiate athletic teams compete in several conferences, including the Big Ten, the Missouri Valley Conference, and the Summit League. The Hoosier athletic program on the Bloomington campus is the university’s largest, with more than 600 male and female student athletes competing on 24 varsity teams. Each campus also provides countless recreational, intramural, and informal sporting opportunities for students.

For more information about the campuses, visit their individual Web sites:

The Office of Licensing and Trademarks

The Indiana University’s Office of Licensing and Trademarks is responsible for the protection, licensing, and use of trademarks, including various names, indicia, designs, and symbols, associated with Indiana University, including the following campuses:

Our trademarks are protected under state, federal, and international law, and their use is licensed through and controlled by the Office of Licensing and Trademarks to protect the integrity of the University. It is the University’s policy to charge a royalty for the use of University trademarks on commercial merchandise. The revenue that is generated through the licensing program provides funds for athletic programs and scholarships for all eight IU campuses.

Primary Colors

4 Primary Colors: IU Crimson Pantone© 201 C0 M100 Y63 K29, IU Cream Pantone© 9161 C7 M9 Y20 K0, Purdue Gold Pantone© 1245 C0 M28 Y100 K18, Black C0 M0 Y0 K100

IU has designated Cream and Crimson as the school’s official colors. It is critical that these colors be used consistently to present a unified brand image to the public. Only the exact Pantone colors will be authorized for production of commercial or promotional goods. In instances where IU Cream is impractical or unavailable, white may be used.

The Block IU

examples of how not use the block IU

Indiana University began using the Block IU in 2004. The Block IU can only be presented in one of the four ways shown on the left and must stand alone.

The block IU can not be modified in anyway or presented over, under, or inside of another mark. The block IU can only be presented in Crimson (PMS-201), Cream, or White. The only outline permitted around the block IU is a Cream or White outline on a Crimson block IU or a Crimson outline on a Cream or White block IU. Nothing can be placed inside the block IU. When the block IU is used, no other design elements can encroach into the immediate spacing surrounding, or within, the mark. When embroidering the Interlocking Block IU, the I must always break the plane of the U.

Older Trademarks

examples of older trademarks not to use

Older Versions of the block IU that can no longer be used are shown to the left.

Please note that the size of the serifs at the top and bottom of the I and U are much thicker, or more square than our current version.

IUPUI Spirit Marks

IUPUI Jaguars Spirit Marks

Spirit Marks should be used when representing spirit and pride initiatives of the unit. They are not meant to be used in place of the IUPUI word mark as an official identifier for the campus.

The full value of the Spirit Marks as the secondary identifier of the campus can be sustained only if it is used correctly and consistently by all units at IUPUI. Download the appropriate graphic from the Official Spirit Wordmarks Page.

Area of Isolation

Crouching IUPUI Jaguar Mascot and Title

For the logo to achieve maximum impact, it must be kept free from conflicting visual elements. The “area of isolation” is the minimum amount of free space that must surround the IUPUI identifying marks. Do not place type, photos, or any other elements within this space.

IUPUI Jaguar Head

Do Not Use Jaguar Head Solely

The IUPUI word mark must always accompany the IUPUI Jaguar Head on all communications, signage, print, web, goods and services. The IUPUI Jaguar Head may never appear alone without the word mark IUPUI.

The Seal

do not use the IU seal

The Indiana University seal is reserved for Trustee, Presidential, ceremonial, or commemorative use and is not designed for use on commercial or promotional products. Use of the seal on commercial or promotional products must be approved through the Office of Licensing and Trademarks.

IU Font Family

Indiana University has designated several fonts for official communication. These fonts are not mandatory on commercial or promotional products. If an IU customer requests that the IU font to be used, Georgia or Franklin Gothic may serve as a substitute. Otherwise, licensees are given the creative liberty to use a variety of fonts.

Legal Notices

The use of ® or ™ depends upon the product on which the trademark will be used. Please contact the Office of Licensing and Trademarks for up-to-date instructions on the proper use of these legal notices. If use of the ® or ™ detracts from a design or seems overly repetitious, one of the following statements may be printed in lieu of the ® or ™:

One of these statements must be printed beside or beneath the design, close to the protected names or marks. You may apply registration symbols with a tone-on-tone process if you desire.

Guidelines for Use

Indiana University trademarks may not be modified in any way or incorporated into another name or mark.

Indiana University trademarks may not be used in any manner that suggests or implies Indiana University’s endorsement of another organization, company, product, service, political party or view, or religious belief.

Indiana University’s trademarks may not be used in any way that discriminates or implies discrimination against any person or group based on age, ancestry, belief, color, creed, disability, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or veteran status, or in any other way that would be in violation of Indiana University’s anti-discrimination policies or practices.

Indiana University will not approve the use of its trademarks in conjunction with certain types of products. These include, but are not limited to:

Any and all uses of the names, numbers, and/or images of Indiana University student-athletes must comply with Indiana University policies and NCAA regulations.

University trademarks cannot be used by private and/or corporate businesses in the sale of commercial products or advertising.

Endorsements and Sponsorships

Endorsements can be mutually beneficial in business relationships, but they can also send a conflicting message to the marketplace regarding Indiana University’s name and reputation. To avoid misinterpretation, endorsements are discouraged. Use the following guidelines to determine when the use of Indiana University’s name, trademarks, and identifiable properties is allowable:

The Sponsor can use:

The Sponsor cannot use:

Visual Identity Guidelines

Recently, Indiana University adopted Visual Identity Guidelines to strengthen the IU brand through consistent use of images, messages, and trademarks. Find the guidelines at www.visualidentity.iu.edu. The guidelines create a Signature System designed to facilitate consistent design and application of official identification. The Signature System is meant to be used for official communication and can be used on commercial products if the signature fits. As part of the guidelines, Indiana University’s names or trademarks should never be abbreviated or modified. Follow the guidelines below:

Student Organizations

Student organizations are not departments or administrative units of Indiana University, and therefore we require all student groups who choose to use the Indiana University or IU name, to clearly indicate in their organizational title, constitution, and paraphernalia that they are “at IU or at Indiana University.” The purpose of this distinction is to ensure that outside organizations that do interact with student organizations are aware that their dealings are with the club or group and not with the University itself.

Only those student organizations which are officially recognized by The Student Activities Office may use University trademarks on promotional products. All uses of IU trademarks must adhere to IU’s Trademark Policy. All products bearing IU trademarks must be produced by a vendor licensed with IU. Please note the IU Licensee must submit all art to the IU Office of Licensing & Trademarks for review and approval before producing any products bearing IU trademarks.

School Specific Guidelines

do not use the IU seal
Kelly School Business

When using the Kelley School of Business trademark on apparel or other promotional items the official signature should be used with Trade Gothic type treatment as a complementary font as needed for additional identifiers (i.e. MBA Program, Kelley Direct Program). Several versions of the signature have been created to accommodate products of various sizes: One Line Horizontal Signature, One Line Vertical Signature, Two Line Horizontal Signature, and Two Line Vertical Signature. If the product is extremely small or contains cumbersome dimensions, the licensee has creative liberty to make use of the elements of the signature using the Trade Gothic font to develop an aesthetically pleasing arrangement. Also, if the whole signature won’t fit on a product, licensees may use treatment artwork files provided by Indiana University. These files consist of the block IU and the words Kelley School of Business in Trade Gothic font. If the licensee chooses to use the block IU and type the words “Indiana University” or “Kelley School of Business” separate from the block IU or on a different part of the item, then the licensee should only use the Trade Gothic font.

CLPA Label

CLPA seals

The Collegiate Licensed Properties Association (CLPA) is a nonprofit organization made up of colleges and universities who manage their own licensing programs or partner with the Licensing Resource Group (LRG) for trademark management services. These institutions have come together to launch the CLPA Authentication Program, which is designed to protect legitimate licensees from the onslaught of unlicensed and counterfeit products found in the market today. Here are a few quick facts about the program:

Q: What kind of label/hangtag will be used in this program?

A: The CLPA labels and hangtags are Optically Variable Devices, or OVDs. This technology uses several imaging techniques built into one single image to create the high level of security found in our labels. Because of this new level of security, licensees will not be able to print their own CLPA labels.

Q: What are the label/hangtag specifics?

A: There are three different products: (1) The hangtag, designed ideally for apparel; (2) the standard label, which should be used on all non-apparel products (this label may also be adhered to existing hangtags, apparel products, and headwear); (3) the small label, which may be used only on gift and novelty items. Use of the small label requires written permission from the CLPA.

Q: Who do I contact with questions or for more information?

A: Contact OpSec Security, Inc.
Phone: (410) 357-4491
Email: clpa@opsecsecurity.com
Download the full information packet.

Indiana University Trademarks

Sample IU Trademarks

Marks licensed for commercial use:

  • Cream & Crimson
  • Crean & Crimson
  • Hoosiers
  • Indiana
  • Indiana Basketball
  • Indiana Hoosiers
  • The block IU
  • Indiana University
  • IUPUI Jaguars
  • IUPUI Jaguars and Design
  • Kelley School of Business
  • Herron
  • Herron School of Art & Design
  • Indiana University East-Red Wolves & Design
  • Indiana University Jacobs School of Music

Please note “Indiana Basketball” and “Indiana Hoosiers” are registered trademarks of IU, and they require only one registration symbol.

These trademarks are registered with the USPTO and are the property of The Trustees of Indiana University. They may not be altered in any way without the prior written consent from the IU Office of Licensing & Trademarks.

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